About me

Like most people, I was initially drawn to yoga as a form of exercise. I couldn’t stand the thought of joining the gym again just to cancel the membership 2 months later, having only been a handful of times. 

I came across a yoga class in a local church hall and thought I’d give it a try. I enjoyed it so much that I found myself wanting to do more classes, the total opposite effect that gyms had on me! So, I looked up studios near me.  

I found myself going to as many classes as I could. I didn’t know why I loved it so much but I knew there was more to it than exercise. In 2015, the studio I went to sent out an email saying they were going to be running a teacher training course for the first time. I signed up straight away and that’s when I truly started to understand why I was hooked. 

In December 2016 my daughter, Charlotte, was born. Followed not too far behind by her sister, Georgia, in September 2018. I had to give up going to yoga classes as I had very little time to myself but quickly became overwhelmed with juggling work and family life.

I began practicing yoga for 20-30 minutes each night after my girls were in bed and found that this provided the same benefits as going to hour long classes.

It is now my mission to bring yoga, and its many benefits, to as many mums as possible, at every stage of Motherhood.

So, I underwent an additional 85 hour training with Sally Parkes which qualifies me to teach Pregnancy, Postnatal and Mother & Baby Yoga. I also completed training with Rainbow Yoga so that I am able to work together with Mums and their older children.

Nicola x

What others are saying

“In the space of only four weeks I managed a pose that I couldn’t manage in week one at all.”

Jeanette, Recharge Member

“20 mins, twice a week is something I can do every single week, even if it’s the holidays, even if I don’t feel great some days, because it can be flexible. It has also been great for my children to see me doing yoga and have a go themselves.”

Katy, Recharge Member