Do You Wear A Mask? (No, Not Those Ones!)

I ran a 5-Day Yoga Challenge recently and was lucky enough to be able to chat with many participants privately about why they were taking part. Sadly, the reason for many was because they are struggling with anxiety and hoped yoga would help.

I know how quickly anxiety can consume your life as I’ve watched a close family member battle with it for many years. However, many people around them still have no idea of this daily struggle because they’ve learned to mask it so well that people they see almost every day have no idea.

We all get so good at putting on a mask for the world and I truly believe that this is contributing to the mental health crisis.

As humans, we crave connection and belonging. We’re so scared that if we show people our true selves, ‘warts and all’ that we’ll be rejected. So we are polite, put others needs in front of our own and we hide the parts of ourselves that we think others won’t like.

But the problem with this is that it leaves us feeling like we’re not worthy of belonging just the way we are. And when we hide parts of ourselves, we can’t connect with others in the way we all crave.

It’s not just adults that do this, unfortunately, even young kids put on masks.

Have you ever sent your kids off to their grandparents overnight and the moment they come home they have a meltdown and the grandparents say “oh, they’ve been good as gold the whole time!”?

It’s possible they’ve been holding in all their little frustrations, to ‘be on their best behaviour’ and then let it all out as soon as they get home because they know it’s safe, they know you won’t reject them for not being perfect.

Life is hard and it’s messy. To experience true connection and a sense of belonging, we all need to stop hiding. We need to be brave… we need to be vulnerable.

What would you share with those around you if you allowed yourself to be vulnerable? If you’d like to start working on this now, reply to this email and let me know.

Yoga can be effective for people who suffer from anxiety as it increases your mind-body awareness and helps to calm your system. However, it is not a quick fix.

This week’s yoga is a calming sequence. The poses are focused on helping you to feel grounded and to develop feelings of confidence.

I hope you enjoy it.

Nicola x

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