7 Day Yoga Challenge

If you would like to get started with an at-home practice but aren’t sure where to start, keep it simple with this free 7 day challenge. This challenge takes around 20 minutes a day and introduces you to yoga, breath work and relaxation techniques.


15 Minute Yoga PDF’s

Short yoga sequences, delivered to your inbox every Monday, which can be downloaded and printed. Each week’s yoga has a different benefit. Click below to access the ‘Stress Buster’ yoga sequence.


3 Minute Mindfulness Audio

This audio recording can be used at any point throughout the day when you need to take a few minutes out.


​Not suitable for during pregnancy or post-natal period.

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What others are saying…

“In the space of only four weeks I managed a pose that I couldn’t manage in week one at all.”

Jeanette, Recharge Member

“20 mins, twice a week is something I can do every single week, even if it’s the holidays, even if I don’t feel great some days, because it can be flexible. It has also been great for my children to see me doing yoga and have a go themselves.”

Katy, Recharge Member