Do You Know Your ‘Why’?


Each week, you receive an email from me with a new yoga video attached. Do you click play and do it? If not, what holds you back?

A few of my Recharge members have been struggling with this lately so yesterday we started a 28 day mindset challenge to help them get to the root of what’s holding them back so that they can overcome these challenges and finally make yoga as non-negotiable as showering!

Their first challenge was to uncover their deep why – the core reason why they want to practice yoga regularly.

This isn’t the reason that pops into your head straight away, it takes a bit of teasing out. But once you know your deep why, it is a powerful motivator and will help you to step onto your mat even when you really can’t be bothered.

When I had my 2nd daughter, Georgia, I stopped doing yoga for a while because I had zero time to myself.

Eventually, I got to the point where I felt overwhelmed by the responsibility of looking after a baby and a toddler and knew I had to find a way to get back to my mat.

If, at that point, someone asked me ‘why do you want to do yoga?’ I would’ve said ‘to reduce stress!’ But that was only the surface answer.

I coped with the stress and overwhelm by zoning out.

I didn’t look Charlotte in the eye when she babbled away to me and I didn’t have the bandwidth to sit down and give her my full attention when I played with her.

When I realised this, it scared me because I knew that, if I didn’t do something, as the years passed our connection would be lost. And I wanted, more than anything, to have a close relationship with my daughters. For them to want to talk to me, to share their problems with me, to spend time with me now AND when they grow up.

That never would have been the answer I gave if someone asked me ‘why do you want to do yoga?’. But it IS my DEEP WHY. Because it’s the reason that keeps me practicing even when I don’t feel like it.

What is your deep why?

To work it out, take your first response to the question ‘why do you want to practice yoga?’ and ask why that is important to you. Keep asking ‘why’ until you get to an answer that feels like the one that would get you rolling out your mat even if you’d had a hard day because it means too much to you to let slide.

This week’s yoga is designed to help balance your root chakra. This is the energy centre in your body which is associated with feeling grounded, safe & secure.

Once you know your deep why it will be a lot easier to find the 14 minutes and 36 seconds that you’ll need to do this video. So take some time to think this through then schedule time for your yoga practice. 😊


N x

P.S. If you feel comfortable sharing your deep why, click reply and type it out, I would love to hear it.

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