Mums Yoga Membership

Trying to juggle work and family can be all consuming and you may find that you have little to no time to yourself.

But, as the saying goes “You can’t pour from an empty jug” and so it’s vital that working mums make regular time for self-care. There is only so long that you can run on empty, eventually something is going to have to give.

The Recharge Membership helps working mums, who constantly feel drained, to gain more energy and feel less stressed by supporting them to develop a short, regular yoga practice so that they can find balance and joy in their daily lives.

If this sounds like the remedy for you, add your name to the waitlist below.

In the meantime, come and join the ‘Working Mums Yoga Community’ Facebook Group for access to free support and resources.


Recharge Membership

What’s included:

  • Short monthly beginners and intermediate yoga sequences available in video, audio and PDF format.
  • Monthly masterclasses, where we dive deeper into specific poses and other yoga related topics.
  • A friendly and supportive private Facebook community.
  • Specialised support in relation to your yoga practice.

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What others are saying

“In the space of only four weeks I managed a pose that I couldn’t manage in week one at all.”
Jeanette, Recharge Member
“20 mins, twice a week is something I can do every single week, even if it’s the holidays, even if I don’t feel great some days, because it can be flexible. It has also been great for my children to see me doing yoga and have a go themselves.”
Katy, Recharge Member