The Right Way To Do Yoga When You're Pregnant & Tired!

2nd Trimester Prenatal Yoga Taster Course.

You'll learn the exact strategies to support and strengthen your changing body in a way that is safe for pregnancy whilst also cultivating a positive birth mindset.

Suitable from 12 weeks pregnant.


Having a Baby is a Rollercoaster Ride!

Now that you've been for your first scan and seen your baby wriggling around, it probably feels a whole lot more real!

Your thoughts may now be turning to preparing for birth.

It's exciting to imagine what they might look like and see yourself holding them in your arms.

However, it's also totally normally to be feeling a little anxious about your baby's birth. You may also be feeling tired and achy which can make it a struggle to get through the day.

Ignoring these feelings won't make them go away.

Download your free prenatal yoga taster course now to soothe those aches and feel calm and empowered for your baby's birth.

Feel a Sense of Calm & Balance Quickly.

By the end of this taster course, you will have all the tools you need to start practicing yoga safely and will start to develop skills that you can use throughout your pregnancy and during labour to help you to feel calmer and reduce pain and discomfort.

The course consists of 5 parts which can be completed in under 2 hours. Complete the practices in one sitting or space them out over 5 days.


Using Your Lungs To Calm Your Mind Pt. 1

TIME NEEDED: 6 minutes

You will assess how deeply you can breathe so you can maximise the calming effects the following breathwork practice will have on your system.


Using Your Lungs To Calm Your Mind Pt.2

TIME NEEDED: 5 minutes

You will learn a 2-minute breathing practice to incorporate into your day which will quickly calm your system.


Creating A Yoga Practice That Gives You Your Time Back


Learn, through yoga, to focus your mind on what you are experiencing in the moment and soothe those aches & pains.


Gain The Benefits Of A Full Night's Sleep in Under 30 Minutes

TIME NEEDED: 26 minutes

Experience a guided meditation technique, called Yoga Nidra, which helps you to enter into a deep state of conscious relaxation.


Plan Your Way To A Calmer You

TIME NEEDED: 30 minutes

Analyse your routine and determine where the 3 elements of your yoga practice will fit into your week.


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