Prenatal Yoga

During pregnancy your body goes through SO many changes. It is important to slow down and really nurture yourself during this time.

Our on-demand pregnancy yoga course is designed to support mobility, strengthen and bring comfort to your body in a way that is safe for pregnancy and help you to cultivate a positive mindset around birth.

You will have access to yoga which is appropriate for the number of weeks pregnant you are, guided meditations and breathing practices which all work together to align the different energy centres in your body so you feel a sense of balance.


Prenatal Yoga Course

What’s included:

  • Short monthly yoga sequences consisting of a 2 minute breathing practice, approximately 20 minutes of yoga and 10 minute guided relaxation. These are available in video, audio and PDF format.

  • Additional breathing practices designed to benefit the mind and body in different ways.

  • Additional audio guided meditations designed to support your wellbeing by cultivating feelings of calm, contentment and self-confidence.

  • Bonus videos on:

    • Pelvic floor exercises
    • Chair yoga
    • Birthing ball yoga
  • Weekly emails to help you cultivate a positive mindset around birth

  • Bonus Pregnancy Nutritional Made Easy Guide by expert Coach and Nutritionist Saffron Wilson.

What other Mums-to-be said…

I haven’t been particularly active throughout my pregnancy, so I joined Yoga Mums online pregnancy course and I feel so much better.

I’ve also picked up some great tips for labour, such as breathing techniques.

Nicola is a fab instructor, I would highly recommend this course!

Stephanie Duffy

I really enjoyed the course. It was a good mixture of stretches, adapted yoga poses and relaxation.  I always enjoyed practicing the different breathing techniques and found it fascinating that focusing on your breathing could make a pose more bearable to hold for longer.

I didn’t expect to like a virtual type class but was actually really pleasantly surprised!  I found that it was much easier to get motivated to do when I didn’t need to wrap up against the elements and venture out after a long, hard day at work!

Nicola Shaw

Not Sure the Course is Right for You?

Try our free taster course and see how a regular yoga practice, combined with breathwork and guided meditation will support and strengthen your changing body in a way that is safe for pregnancy whilst also cultivating a positive birth mindset.