Ready To Get Excited About Giving Birth?

Many Mums-to-be can't wait to hold their baby for the first time but can feel quite anxious about the process that will lead them to this moment.

Preparing both your mind AND body will gift you the confidence needed so you can truly look forward to the ENTIRE process of birth.


The Prenatal Yoga Mums Course has 7 stages that have been specifically designed to support you throughout each week of your pregnancy from your 13th week.

Every yoga practice has been created to nurture your changing body through a sequence of poses which gently strengthen the muscles required to support mobility in order to relieve aches & pains that are often associated with pregnancy.

Energy levels can fluctuate immensely during pregnancy so the pace of classes becomes more gentle as you progress in your pregnancy.

Maximise Benefits, Minimal Effort

In the Prenatal Yoga Mums Course, we keep it simple... The same short yoga sequence, breathing practice and guided meditation can be done for up to 4 weeks. There are SO many benefits to practicing in this way:

  • No more time wasted searching through videos. Simply log in, click straight on your video and start practicing!
  • No more guilt over missing your hour long yoga class! Practice for only 30 minutes at a time that suits you.
  • No more uncertainty about what poses you can and can't do. Each video has been created to be suitable for the exact number of weeks pregnant you are.


Each of the 7 stages in the Prenatal Mums Yoga Course works to balance one of your body's 7 main energy centres, known in yoga as chakras.

Each chakra is associated with different physical and emotional states:

Stage 1 - you will work to balance the root chakra to make you feel safe, grounded and accepting of your changing body.

Stage 2 - you will work to balance the sacral chakra to relieve any anxiety you may be feeling and promote contentment and a positive mindset.

Stage 3 - you will work to balance the solar plexus chakra to develop feelings of strength, confidence and control.

Stage 4 - you will work to balance the heart chakra to increase self-compassion and self-acceptance and open your heart to giving and receiving unconditional love.

Stage 5 - you will work to balance the throat chakra to empower you to communicate your needs and desires.

Stage 6 - you will work to balance the third eye chakra to develop trust in your intuition, feel contented and deeply connected with your baby.

Stage 7 - you will work to balance the crown chakra to help you to tap into your inner wisdom so that you feel confident and ready for birth.

It Really Works!

I really enjoyed the course. It was a good mixture of stretches, adapted yoga poses and relaxation. 

I always enjoyed practicing the different breathing techniques and found it fascinating that focusing on your breathing could make a pose more bearable to hold for longer. 

I didn't expect to like a virtual type class but was actually really pleasantly surprised!  I found that it was much easier to get motivated to do when I didn't need to wrap up against the elements and venture out after a long, hard day at work! 

Nicola Shaw

I haven't been particularly active throughout my pregnancy, so I joined Yoga Mums online pregnancy course and I feel so much better!

I've picked up some great tips for labour, such as breathing techniques.

Nicola is a fab instructor. I would highly recommend this course.

Stephanie Duffy

What's Included:


Each yoga practice consists of a 2 minute breathing practice, 20 minutes of yoga and a 5 minute guided relaxation.

Videos are split into sections so are easy to consume separately on the days where time is tight.


Additional monthly breathing practices which help you to balance your energy, calm your system and release tension in the body.

Guided Meditation

Additional monthly guided meditations which work in sequence to balance each of your body's 7 main energy centres and help you to cultivate a positive mindset around birth.

Added Bonuses:

Birthing Ball & Chair Yoga

These yoga sequences are suitable for both your 2nd and 3rd trimester and are great for days when you just don't have the energy to stand!

Pelvic Floor Video

Strong pelvic floor muscles are important for stability. Working to maintain some strength in your pelvic floor will help your post natal recovery, reduce lower back and hip pain and possible issues with continence.

Pregnancy Nutrition Made Simple Guide

Access an amazing downloadable guide that will help you to build a diet that keeps you and your baby healthy by expert coach and nutritionist Saffron Wilson.


Want to have more children in the future? You'll have lifetime access so you can go through the course again as many times as you need!


Post Natal Yoga Course

Sign up to the Prenatal Yoga Course before 30th May and receive the brand new Postnatal Yoga Course as a FREE bonus when it is released on 1st July.

This 6-month course is filled with gentle, nurturing practices to help restore your energy, aid recovery from pregnancy & birth and relieve any aches & pains that may arise from day-to-day life with a new baby.






How long is the course?

This course is designed to support you through your entire 2nd and 3rd trimesters. So the course can take up to 29 weeks, depending on how far along in your pregnancy you are when you sign up and how many weeks pregnant you are when you give birth.

How often do I need to practice?

You will start to experience benefits from practicing the 3 elements of this course as little as twice a week.

What if I'm further along in my pregnancy, will the course still benefit me?

Yes! If you are further along in your pregnancy you can reduce the number of weeks that you spend on each stage, from the recommended 4, in order to complete all 7 stages of the course.

However, you should not practice 2nd trimester yoga whilst in your 3rd trimester so use the 3rd trimester yoga practices whilst working through the breathing practices and guided meditations in stages 1-4 (as the yoga practices in these stages are for the 2nd trimester.)

What equipment will I need?

All you'll need to get started is a yoga mat and a device to view the videos on.

Does having lifetime access allow me to share this course with others?

No. By purchasing this course, you are entitled to go through it during this and any subsequent pregnancies. You cannot share access with any other person.

How much is the course?

Lifetime access to this prenatal course, which will support you through up to 29 weeks of pregnancy, is priced at only 4 payments of £27 or 1 payment of £97.

This works out at as little as £3.60 per week... a LOT less than attending 1 prenatal yoga class per week in most studios (for the duration of only one pregnancy).

Money-Back Guarantee

I know that this course will provide you with the support you need to enjoy your pregnancy and get excited about giving birth. However, if you decide it's not for you, I offer a 14-day, no-questions asked money-back guarantee.*


*Simply email with the details outlined in the terms & conditions. Your refund will be processed within 5 working days.