I Can’t Believe I Did That!

How willing are you to let the world see you make mistakes?

This used to be a BIG worry for me. I was so worried about embarrassing myself that I’d hold myself back.

I thought this was something that just happened as I got older but last week I saw the same anxiousness over perfectionism in Charlotte, my 5-year-old.

She had drawn a picture of the Easter bunny and wrote a wee message on it by sounding the words out. When she handed it to me and told me to read the message, I got quite a few words but couldn’t make them all out.

Then she asked me to finish colouring it with her by filling in the background blue, for the sky.

We sat and coloured together and when we’d finished, she asked me if I could still see the message. When I said yes, she got upset. She said she wanted to show her teacher but didn’t want her to see the mistakes she’d made.

I told her that her picture was awesome and that nobody expects her writing to be perfect. Mistakes are how we learn.

Then I let her in on a secret that’s taken me 36 years to work out… The more you worry about people seeing you make mistakes, the more you’ll avoid trying new things. You’ll end up feeling so anxious about not being able to do something perfectly that you won’t even try and will end up passing up on doing things that could bring you joy.

If you worry about embarrassing yourself too, ask yourself this… Do you spend more time thinking about the things you said/ did than you do about what others said/ did?

I know I do, and I’m guessing a lot of other people do too.

So, what’s the point in regretting not doing something because of what other people might think if they’re thinking about themselves, not you?!

This week’s yoga is a symmetrical flow which, when practiced regularly, helps you to feel safe, grounded, content and cultivate a positive mindset. It is also great for the lower back, hamstrings and pelvis.


N x

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