Keep thinking ‘there’s not enough’ and there never will be


Do you wake up in the morning and think “I didn’t get enough sleep”? Do you rush through the day thinking “there’s not enough time”?

Last week I talked about how I changed my routine so that I was able to start my day with my yoga practice rather than end it.

For the first few days it was going great but my kids are early risers and I have to sneak past their bedrooms to go downstairs to do my practice.

I started to worry that they would wake up and I either wouldn’t get to do yoga at all or wouldn’t get to finish it. Then, of course, for several days after I would be interrupted by one or both kids 😫

I felt like I was giving up sleep for nothing.

When they wandered into the living room I felt irritated by their presence, which felt awful as I always try to greet them with a big smile and hug so they know how happy I am to see them.

Then, yesterday morning I slept in. By the time I got up it was already 6.30 and I thought “there’s no way I’m going to be able to fit it all in before the kids get up.”

But then I realised that I kept thinking every morning about getting interrupted and then that’s exactly what would happen!

So, yesterday, even though I was half an hour late, I decided to reframe my thinking to “I have enough time for everything I want to do” and I held that thought in my mind, even when I heard a few noises upstairs.

And you’ll never believe it… not only did I have enough time to do my yoga and gratitude journal, I even had time to sit in the garden and drink 3/4’s of a cup of tea afterwards!

When they appeared I felt relaxed and happy to see them. I wrapped them up in my dressing gown and we all cuddled in for a few minutes.

Most of us have been conditioned to focus on lack, so we focus on what we don’t want instead of thinking about what we want.

“I don’t want to feel tired.” “I don’t want to feel stressed.” “I don’t want to feel anxious.” Etc.

Rather than “I want to feel energised”. “I want to feel calm”. “I want to feel at relaxed”.

So what’s the difference? It all boils down to the same thing right? Not if you look at it from them point of view of you get what you focus on.

If you think ‘tired’ you’re more likely to feel tired. If you think ‘energised’ you’re more likely to feel energised.

So, instead of thinking “I don’t have time to do yoga”, tell yourself “I want to do yoga today”. Then you’re more likely to find the 15 minutes to make it happen.

Try it and let me know if anything amazing happens to you too 😊

This week’s yoga is a heart opening sequence. It’s also a great one for the hamstrings, hips, knees, psoas, lower back, shoulders, arms AND glutes! (So well worth finding the 15 minutes for 😉 )


N x

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