Do You Cross Your Legs When You Cough?

It’s all glamour for us ladies after we have children! 🙈

Our bodies go through A LOT to bring our babies into the world. Some things we recover from quickly and others can be a bit harder to get over. And it always seems to be the embarrassing ailments that are determined to hang around!

So, over the next month or so, I’m going to send you yoga sequences which I’ve created to help with some of these issues.

As always, I’m afraid I can’t wave a magic wand and give you instant results but if you are able to incorporate these sequences into your routine, they will make a difference over time.

Up this week is the joy that is urinary incontinence!

You will experience leaks if your pelvic floor muscles are weak so the poses in this sequence will help to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles as well as the abdominal muscles and the deep spinal muscles – as these are all designed to work together.


Nicola x

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